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by CA Jarrett


It’s the question most everyone is asking. And it makes sense that everyone wants to know what kind of gaming goodness Stormtalons and the other TEGG settings are going to be presenting. What kind of system is Stormtalons going to have? Can it be integrated with existing game systems like 5e and Pathfinder? Is it going to be d20 based? Can I playtest it?

Let’s face it, The Archmage is known for his gaming worlds. It’s what drew a lot of us to his work in the first place. Rattling the dice in Faerun is what introduced a lot of us to D&D, or allowed us to seriously expand our gaming experiences.

So, yes. Stormtalons, and most if not all of the TEGG settings will be available for serious RPGing.

Just not yet.

And there’s reasons for that.

Mainly, there is a lot of diversity in the TEGG settings. Brand spanking new urban fantasy, Cthuloid inspired mystery, Robert Ludlumesque spy thrillers, Flash Gordonish space opera, and Asimovian hard science fiction are just a few of the types of genres TEGG Creatives will be tackling and providing the goods on.

That begs the question: what kind of gaming system can encompass all of these different thingies and whatsits and doodads without hundreds of pages of conversion stats or rule exceptions?

It’s important to TEGG that there be a single source for gaming content with our settings, Stormtalons included. We want to make it as easy as possible for someone to take their group from one setting to the next without having to learn a heaping helping of new rules and setups.

That takes not only a lot of effort on the part of the gamer and the GM, but also on ours. And quite frankly, we’d rather be writing than fielding endless what-ifs that would inevitably result from a poorly designed and hurried gaming design.

We are working on it, though. We’ve got some seriously experienced folks working diligently behind the scenes to ensure the best quality gaming experience for our patrons. I mean, seriously experienced folks.

TL;DR: Be Patient. The gaming goods will be delivered! The amount of time only means that they’re being perfected for the broadest use not just across the settings, but across all the gamers who are interested in the settings but not necessarily in an entirely new gaming system to learn.

We’re trying to cover it all, and naturally, that’s gonna take some time.

But it will definitely be worth the wait.

Dice Image is dedicated public domain under CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0).

CA Jarrett is the Lore Guardian for Stormtalons and TEGG author in several other settings.

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