Events and History

The Last War of Skalaunt

Over 350 years ago, wars among the Five Kingdoms were frequent, until this one, dubbed the Last War of Skalaunt.

Tired of the fact that the local hedge-wizards had not enough power to hurl down castles and shatter armies, the Princes of the Five Thrones, in their pride and folly, took to hiring ever-more-powerful mages from “over the waters.”

Those wizards could destroy kingdoms, and did, until there were no kings or knights left, only wizards waging war on each other for the kingdoms they had conquered from within. One mage hurled lightnings, another dragged hosts of monsters out of the mists, and more than one rode dragons. . . but in the end one was mightier than all the rest, and bound the lives of the few wizards he spared into scepters of power.  That one was the Heirophar.

The land of Skalaunt now under his rule, he now casts his net far and wide seeking others with the Gift of Magic, and ensuring that none but he can have them.

The Time of the Warpriests

It is said that the land of Rheligor is named after its last High King.

The clergy of the Six swear there shall never be another.

Thousands of years ago, the land of Rheligor was ruled by scores of petty warlords who thought nothing of squandering the rich and fertile resources of their land in their desire to gain more of it. Ruin was brought to farms, hundreds died as famine and disease spread, and as the abundant crops of Rheligor failed, so too did the balance of Ertalon.

All across the continent food became a singularly precious resource, inciting raids, banditry, and outright battle as people fought to feed themselves. As Ertalions fought amongst themselves, fell creatures emerged from the Stormtalons to take what they could in the chaos.

The priests of the Six, seeing the balance of all threatened by the blind greed of man, stepped forward as one. Warriors of The Way from all faiths combined their might and overthrew the warlords and replaced entropy with The Way.

The Most High of the Six have ruled Rheligor ever since.

The Fall of Khaumauria

Centuries ago the kingdom of Khaumauria was not unlike others, but it welcomed wizards to come and learn, to practice their arts, and to teach others.

No one knows what sparked the conflict, but all are aware of its results. Open warfare between mighty spellcasters began nearly overnight, the population of the kingdom fleeing as mountains were hurled and beasts both summoned and created were called forth to do battle.

All that remains of the once proud kingdom is a dangerous, desolate landscape of ruins that sit brokenly atop endless tunnels and secret laboratories. The leavings of those who fought. Untold treasures lie within those wrecks, but so too do the other belongings of the mages; the monsters brought to fight for them.

The Creation of Firefall

The Firefall is so named due to the legend of a mighty ball of fire hurling itself from the sky and crashing into the land, slagging the area for hundreds of miles and destroying all that lived there. Some say the fire came from a battle between dragons high above, others say that those who dwelt there so displeased the Six that they combined their might and rained down death. The truth, if it was ever known, has surely been lost to time.