Nornar Mining STC

Nornar Mining, A Stormtalons Company
May the Six bless your fortune!


Nornar Mining, A Stormtalons Company (NMSTC) has humble roots, starting from when enterprising people gathered together to fully explore the resources available in the rich, yet treacherous Nornar Mountains. There, after some negotiating with natives and reasoning with the competition, the NMSTC harvested a wide variety of goods; including silver, bluestone, and glitterock.

From this meager beginning, the NMSTC was able to branch out into other trades, including intercontinental commerce, overseas shipping, and staking land claims all over Asmer.

This led to dark times for the Company. Powerful enemies lined up against the NMSTC, including the Heirophar and many high priests Rheligor. They were threatened by the NMSTC’s grass-roots productivity and its ability to generate profit where it seemed none exists.

That has led the NMSTC to be a bit secretive, having representatives scattered throughout the three continents and on ships sailing the Aeradaunt. However, the NMSTC has far from given up on becoming even bigger and better! Even now our representatives comb the lands and seas, looking for those worthy enough to continue our legacy!

Will you be found worthy?

There are many benefits to being a shareholder in NMSTC!

  • Beautiful NMSTC Certificate, frameable, detailing your share and signed by The Archmage, Ed Greenwood himself

  • Early access to news, pre-sales, and content

  • Special promotions and contests

  • And so much more!

More information will be added to our files as further exploration is made, so you never know what you might find here! NMSTC is looking for a select, hardy few to continue our legacy and spread all across the known world!

Remember, these shares cannot be bought!