Grayshade’s Path


The country of Nornar.

On the continent of Izeltazzar, across the Aeradaunt Sea from Tanthalas, the Firefall, and Rheligor.

The Wyrmspires present a forbidding wall of high, snow-capped peaks to sailors unfamiliar with the deep, dark-watered Skarrablade, the fjord that penetrates to the heart of Nornar, ending in a huge, monster-haunted, trackless marsh known as the Tarmaerth, cradled between the rivers Tarmaer and Lurarr. All of Nornar’s settlements (its lone city and capitol, Telsavvar, and its four towns) are walled settlements where ore is smelted and metal worked. The realm has two verdant farming regions: the Veldarkh, now left for wild beasts (and excess released livestock) to roam and graze so the wyrms will raid there and leave alone the herds of the Lurarr, and the Lurrarr uplands (on the map, where the name “Nornar” is written, plus the land upstream of the final “r”), where Nornar’s busy farms cover the landscape. The best quarries in the land are found at Sulbrim, and the largest, now mainly abandoned, lie in the rising mountains adjacent to Telsavvar.