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Hello! My name is Myrtlnar Gorrablup, but try not to hold that against me! I’ll be your representative of the incredible exploratory company, NMSTC! We’ve got big, big plans, as big as all of Asmer! As we grow, more areas will open and you’ll learn more about not just Asmer and our company, but all our representatives spread around the world!

First, I’d like to tell you a little about myself. I’m from a small village not too far from the Cairn Hills in Nornar, where the main vocation is essentially being a waystop for miners and prospectors headed deeper into the mountains to find their fortunes. I have two brothers, and my grandmother lives with us (she makes amazing dumplings). One day, I met a really nice man who worked for NMSTC. Now, I love my village, and my family, but there’s the whole wide world out there to explore! Not only would I be able to do that, I would get paid to! My dream job. My family voiced their concerns, but being a stubborn soul I set off and the rest, as they say, is history!

But what is NMSTC?

Nornar Mining is, simply put, a company dedicated to bringing you the best of the best of the best that Asmer has to offer. When you request a share, you will gain access to the upcoming NMSTC Portal, which will allow you access to all the goodies we are planning just for you! It will start off small in the beginning, but as we grow, so too will the wondrous tales and adventures you will be able to see.

From our brochure:

[su_quote]Nornar Mining, A Stormtalons Company (NMSTC) has humble roots, starting from when enterprising people gathered together to fully explore the resources available in the rich, yet treacherous Nornar Mountains. There, after some negotiating with natives and reasoning with the competition, the NMSTC harvested a wide variety of goods; including silver, bluestone, and glitterock. From this meager beginning, the NMSTC was able to branch out into other trades, including intercontinental commerce, overseas shipping, and staking land claims all over Asmer. This led to dark times for the Company. Powerful enemies lined up against the NMSTC, including the Heirophar and many high priests Rheligor. They were threatened by the NMSTC’s grass-roots productivity and its ability to generate profit where it seemed none exists. That has led the NMSTC to be a bit secretive, having representatives scattered throughout the three continents and on ships sailing the Aeradaunt. However, the NMSTC has far from given up on becoming even bigger and better! Even now our representatives comb the lands and seas, looking for those worthy enough to continue our legacy![/su_quote]

As the name implies, we are a mining company, and each shareholder gets a lovely certificate, signed by our boss (an Archmage even better than the Heirophar, but he’s not around much), which grants you your very own mine! Once our mages and artisans have everything in place, you’ll be able to see where your mine is, how well it’s doing, and all kinds of other spiffy stuff!

It’s my job to let all shareholders assigned to me about upcoming events and publications, special deals available only to shareholders, and all sundry information that might be of interest to you! If you have any questions, you can ask them right here!

Interested? Then request a share! If you already have, you can expect your certificate early next week!

Thank you, and may the Six bless your fortune!

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