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Onder Magazine #4: Maps

Featuring a short story by Lesley Donaldson
An Excerpt from an Asmerian Atlas, brought to you by Nornar Mining, STC

The Tower of Egizii
By Lesley Donaldson

Sold into servitude to one of the most successful reliquary hunters in Asmer, a chance encounter with a Sroonyte presents Whip with the difficult choice of whether or not to devote himself to a new master.

Nornar Mining, A Stormtalons Company is pleased to present:
Excerpts from the Asmerian Atlas

Explore the Firefall and the port of Tanthalas, located on the continent of Ertalon in this brief description of Vales, people, and politics!

The fourth issue of Onder Librum’s bi-monthly resource for today’s storyteller features MAPS!


  • Ed Greenwood waxing rhapsodic on the many and diverse delights of cartographic splendor
  • Examining interactive fiction and the potent allure of maps for storytellers
  • Continuing our examination of the ancient craft of Chainmail for the modern crafter!
  • Creative Profile of Martin Treanor, author of the “Dark Creed” Hellmaw novel
  • More meta-fiction from the story worlds of Hellmaw and Stormtalons
  • Comics, book and game reviews, and more!
    [54 pages – PDF format]

Lose yourself in the mists!

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