A wizard, the Heirophar, weaves his web across the land from where he rules in Skalaunt, snaring any bold or foolish enough to attract his attention with magical might. The priests of Rheligor, devout followers of The Six, are equally pervasive, with agents everywhere, locked in a war without battle.

Those with the Gift best beware, and those who discover arcane devices best keep them hidden.

Despite the covert machinations of the two nations, people still hunger to see the world of Asmer, to experience its delights from the wild jungles of the Yacathan to the cruel snow-capped peaks of Nornar. Pirates and fiercely protected fleets sail the waters of the Aeradaunt, and those who work in the shadow and the light make their way to Tanthalas, lawless port city and home to all manner of criminal enterprise. None rule there, and those who try quickly find themselves in straits most dire.

And yet, those hardy souls exploring and plying their trade take care not to wander too far, as land and sea alike are ringed by the Stormtalons, a murky, swirling fog that changes forever any unfortunate to feel its clammy touch. The merest whisper across an unprotected cheek can alter the creature forever, creating a hideous monster…which may or may not remember what it once was.

But the Stormtalons are not devoid of life, far from it. Hidden from the avarice of the Heirophar and the zealotry of Rheligor is where the demons cavort, the elves thrive, and all manner of beings as-yet-unseen by any in the lands live and some even prosper. Woe betide any who try to explore these capricious mists, for as the most experienced Mistwalkers know, they will turn on those they treated well only moments before.

Only the insane or the desperate try to forge the Stormtalons.

Beneath it all, the old dragon gods sleep. Locked in slumber for millennia, these powerful entities have passed from tale to legend to myth.

Only now, whispered behind hands and closed doors, murmurs of their imminent awakening are spreading.

Stormtalons, the rich-tapestry epic fantasy world from the creator of The Forgotten Realms, Ed Greenwood.

Genre Fantasy
Lore Guardian Cat Jarrett
Art Director Eric Belisle
Minimum Word Count(full volume) 80,000 words
Launch Month August, 2016
Launch Novel Words of Unbinding