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Nornar Mining, A Stormtalons Company

What We Can Do For You!   Hello! My name is Myrtlnar Gorrablup, but try not to hold that against me! I’ll be your representative of the incredible exploratory company, NMSTC! We’ve got big, big plans, as big as all of Asmer! As we grow, more areas will open and you’ll learn more about not […]

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For Writing and Gaming: The Gods of Asmer

There are six gods in the realm of Stormtalons, but not everyone calls them by the same names or worships them in the same manner. While theocratic Rheligor does largely influence most of the world, there are places that set up their own practices. Some due to defiance, like Skalaunt, the biggest enemy of Rheligor. […]


The Seas of Asmer

There is only one known ocean in Asmer. The word “known” is used here because much of the world is covered by the Stormtalons, and no one is sure what else is out there. The mists curtail and cover the waters just as they do the land, and sailors are eager to avoid them. Of […]


The Perks of Multiple Mentors by Brandon Crilly

I like to think that we’re only as good as the people we learn from (though admittedly I’m a high school teacher, so I’m a little biased) and how effectively we take those examples and mold them into our lives. I’m lucky in that I have multiple mentors, from different parts of my life, who […]


Paperbacks- You Want ‘Em, We Got ‘Em

  That’s right! Stormtalons has expanded our publishing to include paperback copies through Amazon! As of right now, the first two: Words of Unbinding The first Stormtalons novel by Ed Greenwood ~and~ Grayshade The second Stormtalons novel by Gregory A. Wilson are available right now! Soon all of our other novels and novellas will follow, […]

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For Writing and Gaming: Guilds in Stormtalons

  In a nutshell, there are no guilds. There are no easily identifiable organizations of generally grouped jobs for people to access. What do we have, then? What we have are smaller, more distinctively individual organizations that compete, struggle, and may sometimes offer jobs and quests, but those jobs and quests will always be to […]


Chris Jackson: Ships and Nautical Tips of Stormtalons

In celebration of Chris Jackson’s Stormtalons release, The Queen’s Scourge, we are pleased to repost his blog! Ships and Nautical Tips of Stormtalons By Chris A. Jackson   NOTE: All hyperlinks are Wikipedia illustrations I’ve been asked by the Lore Guardian and the Archmage of Stormtalons to give a little nautical information to help flesh out […]

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Only the Desperate or Insane

Only the Desperate or Insane by CA Jarrett Harsh breathing stifled his ears, wheezing along with the pounding of his heart. Sweat streamed from him in rivulets as he ran, the sun overhead exacerbating the perspiration stimulated by terror. He was close, too close to the border, but he had no choice, the smiteserpents were […]


Learning to Share the Toys

Learning to Share the Toys…or…Collaborative Storytelling by Jaleigh Johnson When I first started telling stories, I was a child, and they were only for me.  They existed inside my mind, many times lacking crucial story elements like a beginning, or sometimes the middle, and often an end.  They were like some of my toys—dolls missing […]


Tanthalas: Asmer’s Hive of Scum and Villainy

The fog-shrouded port city of Tanthalas on Ormrarr Bay on the south coast of the continent of Ertalon, embodies the fierce independence of the Firefall. The city itself is in constant flux, with no rulers except those brave (or foolhardy) enough to claim themselves so. Typically its self-styled lords and ladies don’t last very long. […]



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