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Wizard-sitting, an ST Short Story by Brandon Crilly

by Brandon Crilly

A Stormtalons Short Story

The Stormtalons can change a person. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

When your beloved mentor’s Gift is awakened, how do you keep him safe from the powers that seek all mages? Particularly when he seems to have no interest in protecting himself?

Lonos, a scholar, encountered the mist and his Gift has bloomed. Now his proteges are desperate to keep him hidden from the Heirophar, a desperation only increased when a ruthless noblewoman from their past finds them and threatens them with exposure–unless they perform a certain little task…

Lose yourself in the mists!
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People love Wizard-sitting!

[su_quote cite=”The Bookish Enthusiast” url=””]An amazing little slice of the Stormtalons universe!! Crilly’s writing was superb and his characters like old friends, instantly familiar and satisfying!!! Cannot wait to see where this story fits in the grander scheme of things. Will definitely be looking for more works by this author in the future![/su_quote]

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