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The Archmage Chats Stormtalons!

Listen to Ed Greenwood chat about how and why he created Forgotten Realms®, how it eventually led him to Stormtalons, and how he came to create his own publishing empire!

QUESTIONS ANSWERED! (cue fireworks!)

Why did The Archmage create The Ed Greenwood Group?

Is Stormtalons just another Forgotten Realms®?

How does magic work in Stormtalons?

What the heck are the Stormtalons?

I love dragons! Are there dragons in this world??? (spoiler: yes!)

Can I cuddle a dragon??? (spoiler: not a good idea)

What’s Mr. Greenwood’s vision for the Stormtalons?

What types of stories can I look forward to?

How will you, as readers, get to play in Stormtalons?

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