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The first Stormtalons contest!

This contest is now closed! Thanks to all who participated!

Did you miss it? No worries, Stormtalons and TEGG will have many more opportunities!

Want free stuff?

Of course you do!

And now have the chance to win them!

But how?

It’s easy!

Read the first three chapters of Ed Greenwood’s Words of Unbinding, then answer trivia questions, one per day starting 10/03/2016 and ending 10/07/2016.

Those who have answered all trivia questions correctly will have the chance to win! One will be randomly chosen and the winners informed via email, and then listed here on the site!

So, read the first three chapters of Words of Unbinding, the first novel of the Stormtalons setting, then come back here for the question of the day!

Yes, it’s just that easy!

First question! What is the name that Launtelle is known by in Tanthalas?

Second question! What unfortunate place did Queen Elmaeraeze die in?

Third question! What is Dustra’s last name?

Fourth question! What was the name of the wizard who was told by a Dragon that someone could come back from the dead?

Fifth and final question! What was the type of skin the Heirophar assassin’s boots were made of?

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