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The Pirate King’s Daughter, A Stormtalons Novel by Dileep S. Rangan

by Dileep S. Rangan

The third novel of Stormtalons.

Captain Gaita Chadbaram, of the deep water raider The Cat’s Paw, captures a merchant trader foolish enough to sail without flags of protection. On that trader, a strange monk fouls the air with foreboding and menace. Little does Gaita know that she and crew will soon have to fight for the survival of a kingdom that will brand her as the Pirate King’s Daughter.

Lose yourself in the mists!
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The Pirate King’s Daughter

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dileeprangan-300x300ABOUT THE AUTHOR

Having started his career in the field of law, Dileep has a deep understanding of piracy. He has spent the better part of the last 15 years in Asia, working in India, Thailand, and Singapore, and this is his first foray into traditional fiction. His job allows him to travel and to work in many different cultures, and his experiences—from wandering through the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul to negotiating his mugging in Colombia—provide strong fuel for his imagination.

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