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The Queen’s Scourge – A Stormtalons Novel by Chris A. Jackson

by Chris A. Jackson

The sixth novel of Stormtalons.

A man held in thrall by magic and a woman’s thirst for power.
A woman for whom avarice and rule are as vital for life as breath.
He strives for freedom, she for domination.

Cymbra Laraklaea would rule the city of Tanthalas through manipulation of the great merchant houses and covert piracy. Captain Kevril Longbright and the crew of the corsair, Scourge, are her secret and unwilling weapons. The corsair was named after the former captain’s nine-thonged lash, wrought of the flesh and sinew of Dragons. Cymbra claimed the scourge, not realizing that it instills draconic avarice and thirst for power in its wielder. A stroke of that lash binds the victim to the wielder’s will. Cymbra claimed the scourge, as well as Kevril, whom she wields as deftly as the enchanted weapon that never leaves her side.

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About the Author:

From the sea to the stars, Chris A. Jackson’s stories take you to the far reaches of the imagination. Raised on the back deck of a fishing boat and trained as a marine biologist, he became sidetracked by a career in biomedical research, but regained his heart and soul in 2009 when he and his wife Anne left the dock aboard the 45-foot sailboat Mr Mac to cruise the Caribbean and write fulltime.

With his nautical background, writing sea stories seemed inevitable for Chris. His acclaimed Scimitar Seas nautical fantasies won three consecutive Gold Medals in the ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Awards. His Pathfinders Tales from Paizo Publishing combine high-seas combat and romance set in the award-winning world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Not to be outdone, Privateer Press released Blood & Iron and Watery Graves, both set in the Iron Kingdoms.

Chris’ repertoire also includes the award-winning and Kindle best-selling Weapon of Flesh Series, the contemporary urban fantasy Hellmaw’s Dragon Dreams, as well as additional fantasy novels, the humorous sci fi Cheese Runners trilogy of novellas, and numerous short stories.”

You can find more of Chris’ works at, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.



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