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  In a nutshell, there are no guilds. There are no easily identifiable organizations of generally grouped jobs for people to access. What do we have, then? What we have are smaller, more distinctively individual organizations that compete, struggle, and may sometimes offer jobs and quests, but those jobs and quests will always be to […]

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AN ACT OF FAITH by Sarah Ceilann A Stormtalons Short Story Does faith just die, or is it killed? And can it be revived? When a jaded former priest of Rheligor encounters a young woman who needs help, he will find out just how dead his faith really is. Lose yourself in the mists! Purchase this […]

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In celebration of Chris Jackson’s Stormtalons release, The Queen’s Scourge, we are pleased to repost his blog! Ships and Nautical Tips of Stormtalons By Chris A. Jackson   NOTE: All hyperlinks are Wikipedia illustrations I’ve been asked by the Lore Guardian and the Archmage of Stormtalons to give a little nautical information to help flesh out […]

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THE QUEEN’S SCOURGE by Chris A. Jackson The sixth novel of Stormtalons. A man held in thrall by magic and a woman’s thirst for power. A woman for whom avarice and rule are as vital for life as breath. He strives for freedom, she for domination. Cymbra Laraklaea would rule the city of Tanthalas through manipulation […]

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Only the Desperate or Insane by CA Jarrett Harsh breathing stifled his ears, wheezing along with the pounding of his heart. Sweat streamed from him in rivulets as he ran, the sun overhead exacerbating the perspiration stimulated by terror. He was close, too close to the border, but he had no choice, the smiteserpents were […]

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Learning to Share the Toys…or…Collaborative Storytelling by Jaleigh Johnson When I first started telling stories, I was a child, and they were only for me.  They existed inside my mind, many times lacking crucial story elements like a beginning, or sometimes the middle, and often an end.  They were like some of my toys—dolls missing […]

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ONDER MAGAZINE #4: MAPS Featuring a short story by Lesley Donaldson and An Excerpt from an Asmerian Atlas, brought to you by Nornar Mining, STC The Tower of Egizii By Lesley Donaldson Sold into servitude to one of the most successful reliquary hunters in Asmer, a chance encounter with a Sroonyte presents Whip with the […]

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FLESH AND ARTIFICE by Jaleigh Johnson The fifth novel of Stormtalons. An artificer and a smuggler team up on a quest to save a dying wizard who tells three very different but equally fantastic versions of his life story. He could be mad, or a liar, or both. In order to heal him, the companions […]

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The fog-shrouded port city of Tanthalas on Ormrarr Bay on the south coast of the continent of Ertalon, embodies the fierce independence of the Firefall. The city itself is in constant flux, with no rulers except those brave (or foolhardy) enough to claim themselves so. Typically its self-styled lords and ladies don’t last very long. […]

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The latest Stormtalons novel brings us the brilliant bejeweled tapestry from best-selling author Jaleigh Johnson. Cover art by the amazing Art Director for both Stormtalons and Hellmaw, Eric Belisle! An artificer and a smuggler team up on a quest to save a dying wizard who tells three very different but equally fantastic versions of his […]

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