The World of Asmer


Only the desperate or insane dare forge the Stormtalons.

Stormtalons: The realms you’re looking for!


Welcome to Stormtalons, the rich-tapestry epic fantasy setting created by the Archmage that gave us The Forgotten Realms®, Ed Greenwood.


The world of Asmer, where the Heirophar, ruler of Skalaunt, seeks to gain control of all magic and the deeply religious country of Rheligor opposes him no matter the cost. Where the dwarves of Khaormont vie with Nornar Mining, A Stormtalons Company for the vast resources of the Wyrmspire Mountains. Where ancient Dragons sleep deep beneath the earth with only legends and myth telling of them. Where elves live far, stranded or hidden, to escape those grasping for magic, power, or both. Where the lawless city-port of Tanthalas and the Firefall only have a single rule; you only get to have it if you can keep it. Where the reptilian uolori live in the hot jungles of the Yacathan, and brute dragons soar the skies over Alarstarn.


Those with the Gift of Magic best beware, lest the Heirophar’s smiteserpent bands find you and offer you a choice; serve or die.


And all takes place within the Stormtalons, the mists which inundate the world, leaving civilization to flourish or die in pockets of dubious safety. No ordinary mists, the Stormtalons can warp both flora and fauna into monsters, and those grotesques often find their way out of the mists to wreak havoc on all, near or far.


Discover the Stormtalons, walk the grounds of Asmer, and lose yourself in the mists!


[su_quote cite=”Ed Greenwood, Creator of The Forgotten Realms® and Stormtalons”]Welcome to Stormtalons, a big-tapestry medieval-to-Renaissance fantasy setting. This is a shared world in which many creative people will be telling stories with prose, through graphic novels, audio dramas, music, and game adventures, and enriching our shared experience with clothing and jewelry and other artisanal creations. We plan to build Stormtalons for decades, and have secret story arcs planned out far into the future.[su_spacer]

Some of you may be familiar with some of my other fantasy settings, like Castlemourn and Aglirta and the Forgotten Realms. Stormtalons is different. (So it is not a Dungeons & Dragons setting, and details from that game, such as how magic works, character classes, or the details of particular “types” of dragons, aren’t necessarily valid in Stormtalons.)[su_spacer]

For one thing, the Realms has many gods, and lots of magic (wizards hurling mighty spells). Stormtalons does not; there are no warlocks, and mages in Stormtalons either serve one mighty archwizard (the Heirophar) or die; his “hit teams” show up after his spies identify someone using powerful magic and offer that stark choice on the spot. Nor is the Heirophar a world-ruling Dark Lord—because he faces the massed and united priests of Rheligor; he and the priests maintain a vigilant détente, with spies everywhere and an entire land, the Firefall, caught between them. A status quo that if the legends are true, may soon be shattered . . . for, it is whispered widely, the Sleeping Dragons are awakening.[su_spacer]

The “Stormtalons” themselves are eerie mists that advance and recede, wherein monsters dwell and folk wander lost and strange things happen.[su_spacer]

So Stormtalons is a world where many stories can be told, from wizardly duels to pirate yarns to back alley intrigues and coming-of-age sagas to quests for the lost, forgotten, or hidden . . . but it is not a land of gods onstage or crowds of wizards or haughty elves sneering at gruff drunken dwarves.[su_spacer]

Come with me; it’s going to be a wild, wonderful ride! [/su_quote]