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Trivia Contest Answers!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the first ever Stormtalons Trivia Contest! The winners will be announced soon!

Here are the answers!

First question! What is the name that Launtelle is known by in Tanthalas?
The Redcloak or Old Redcloak

Second question! What unfortunate place did Queen Elmaeraeze die in?
The privy chamber

Third question! What is Dustra’s last name?

Fourth question! What was the name of the wizard who was told by a Dragon that someone could come back from the dead?

Fifth and final question! What was the type of skin the Heirophar assassin’s boots were made of?

We hope everyone had fun reading the first three chapters of Ed Greenwood’s Words of Unbinding and finding the answers. If you liked the chapters, why don’t you check it out, along with the second book of the Stormtalons setting, Grayshade by Gregory A. Wilson? Both are available now in e-book and in a gorgeous special limited edition hardcover. The limited editions are going fast, so hurry and order before they’re gone! You can even pre-order the hardbound limited edition of the third Stormtalons novel, The Pirate King’s Daughter, by Dileep S. Rangan!

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