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Welcome to Stormtalons, a big-tapestry medieval-to-Renaissance fantasy setting. This is a shared world in which many creative people will be telling stories with prose, through graphic novels, audio dramas, music, and game adventures, and enriching our shared experience with clothing and jewelry and other artisanal creations. We plan to build Stormtalons for decades, and have secret story arcs planned out far into the future.

Some of you may be familiar with some of my other fantasy settings, like Castlemourn and Aglirta and the Forgotten Realms. Stormtalons is different. (So it is not a Dungeons & Dragons setting, and details from that game, such as how magic works, character classes, or the details of particular “types” of dragons, aren’t necessarily valid in Stormtalons.)

For one thing, the Realms has many gods, and lots of magic (wizards hurling mighty spells). Stormtalons does not; there are no warlocks, and mages in Stormtalons either serve one mighty archwizard (the Heirophar) or die; his “hit teams” show up after his spies identify someone using powerful magic and offer that stark choice on the spot. Nor is the Heirophar a world-ruling Dark Lord—because he faces the massed and united priests of Rheligor; he and the priests maintain a vigilant détente, with spies everywhere and an entire land, the Firefall, caught between them. A status quo that if the legends are true, may soon be shattered . . . for, it is whispered widely, the Sleeping Dragons are awakening.

The “Stormtalons” themselves are eerie mists that advance and recede, wherein monsters dwell and folk wander lost and strange things happen.

So Stormtalons is a world where many stories can be told, from wizardly duels to pirate yarns to back alley intrigues and coming-of-age sagas to quests for the lost, forgotten, or hidden . . . but it is not a land of gods onstage or crowds of wizards or haughty elves sneering at gruff drunken dwarves. It’s a new setting we can explore together, and our exploration begins with what you see here, and my answering your questions about it. I’ll make a new blog post here at the Stormtalons Blog on July 31 at 2pm Eastern Time. We can use comment thread to explore your questions for a couple of hours.

Come with me; it’s going to be a wild, wonderful ride!



  1. Stormtalons, Come

    The Heirophar and Rheligor unite in battle brewing.
    Among the lands of Firefall, there are other evils spewing…
    Unbidden in the Stormtalons, a horror soon arrives-
    A horde of ancient monsters, but will anyone survive?
    The rumors on the winds denote the Sleeping Dragons wake,
    Perhaps this is the truth, or could it just be legend’s sake?
    A many listless wanderer gets caught up in the mists
    Forever changed; the power holds them in its taloned fists.
    Of all the races, dwarves supplant the keen, embodied dark
    Eschewing all devices, servile craftsmen of their mark.
    Unlike the lands around them, placing faith within the Six-
    Charisma in their worship placed in Kharolist’s mix.
    Imbued upon them as was want a dragon god to do-
    Sufficient ware in fertile earth, the greenest leaves in hue.
    Of mountain granite in the stone; of river water’s flowing-
    Inspiring every dwarf to craft in elemental knowing.
    A many more a tale to tell, but now we must all wait
    And count the days until the mists arrives to change our fate…

  2. And I for one cannot wait for it! The setting sounds like one I’m going to enjoy getting lost in.

    Will you be fielding questions on the art planned for this setting? I’m quite curious what Eric is conjuring up.

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