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“Words of Unbinding” – The FIRST Stormtalons Novel – Available for Preorder

Tanthalas is a crowded, stinking, dangerous place, but to Dustra, it’s home. And all of the world she’s ever known. She serves old Launtelle, an old woman who sells secrets for a living. And when you know too much, enemies swarm to you like moths to a flame. One of them is THE Big Foe, watching from afar like a malevolent stormfront: the Heirophar, the mysterious and all-mighty archwizard. Or is he? What does Launtelle know about him that may doom her, and Dustra along with her? And who is the local vagabond everyone calls “Tavern,” really?

As death closes in to claim more folks than usual, will the secrets whispered by the old witch prove Dustra’s salvation . . . or her doom?

Words of Unbinding – By Ed Greenwood

From the creator of the Forgotten Realms®, comes his newest fantasy setting, fraught with deadly mists, magic, and adventure! This is the first of 120 planned books, written by more than 50 Creatives from around the world. Don’t miss out on this sprawling new world!

The first 250 buyers will be automatically entered into a draw to win:

  • 1 of 3 hour-long online chats with The Archmage, Mr. Ed Greenwood. Value: priceless!
  • 1 of 3 oil-on-canvas Stormtalons map (for delivery in early 2017). Value: $200
  • 1 of 20 free e-copies of another Stormtalons or Hellmaw title of your choice. Value: $9.99


Get a character named after you in the second book in Mr. Greenwood’s Stormtalons series (name to be adapted to fit series). Value: immortality unlocked!

Available exclusively at Onder Librum!

Coming soon – Ebook – $9.99 (for delivery on August 31)

Limited edition hardcover – see details for price and shipping date

Coming soon – mass market paperback edition!

All editions coming to other retailers on September 30.

Limited Edition features:

  • Velum tip-in sheet recording the number of your limited edition, personally signed by Ed Greenwood, featuring a full-color map drawn by Eric Belisle
  • Handsome Arlan cover with debossed, gold-rimmed, full-color Stormtalons logo
  • Color-treated book edges
  • Integrated ribbon bookmark
  • Foil on the spine
  • On top of this beautiful edition, you’ll also receive:
  • A free copy of the ebook edition
  • A full colour postcard of the map, with the paperback cover on the reverse
  • Free shares in Nornar Mining, STC! (details forthcoming)

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